Happy Valentines Day… not. I made the mistake of telling B—- how much I liked him, and of course he vanished into thin air.  He said he didn’t think he was ready for a relationship, and it wouldn’t be fair to me.  All I did was mention it, and then I said I was ok with just keeping it casual. Haven’t heard from him since.  I will try one more time, Saturday night I’m hanging out with an old and dear friend I haven’t seen in several years, her boyfriend’s band is playing at a coffee place downtown. B—- likes music, and doesn’t drink, so I will text him about it. Just mention that I’ll be there.  There is always the possibility that I may meet someone there, too. The online thing is very frustrating. I got a very interesting email from a guy here in Lincoln on, but as I can’t afford their ridiculous membership fees –34.99/mo or 19.99/mo if you pay for 3 months at once, I can’t even view his freaking profile, let alone contact him. Who the hell can afford to belong to these things? I’m already regretting the 24.99 I wasted on the other site.


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