just shoot me now…

can it get any worse? Now I’ve got some ::married:: guy trying to talk me into being his mistress or wtf they call it nowadays… HELL TO THE NO… I don’t care how hot he is, I’m not settling for that… having been a wife who was cheated on, there’s no way I’m going there.  Then, I get a text from a friend of my husband’s, who I have ::absolutely nothing::  in common with (he thinks he’s a rapper, I f’ing LOATHE rap, I resent how Nick wasted so much of his time and talent on that shit and the people it led him to hang out with) wanting to hang out… the crazy cat lady route is becoming ever more appealing.

I was supposed to get paid today, the first of the year they started mailing our checks to our homes instead of giving them out at work.  It wasn’t here. My mail comes late in the day, so who knows when I’ll get it tomorrow. Thank God I’m not broke. If Nick was still here, it would have set off a major drama crisis because we would have been completely broke and he wouldn’t have been able to get his weed or dope.



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